Hot Glass Studio for Rent

The Vrij Glas studio is available for rent on a daily or weekly basis, with a wide variety of options: custom glass colours, technical assistance, different glass melting furnaces, many types of annealers, casting facilities, a special glass centrifuge, historical and factory handtools and Libensky grinding machine. There is also a metal shop and moldmaking shop available.

Vrij Glas is an inspiring environment with good technical support. Prices are flexible and depend on each project. Please contact Vrij Glas to discuss all the possibilities.

Vrij Glas is the only hot glass studio in the Netherlands that is able to produce custom-made glass colours.
For Anthon Beeke\\\'s sperm alphabet Vrij Glas melted a subtle white opaline, and
for a show in the National Glass Museum in Leerdam of Bas van Beek\\\'s work Vrij Glas facilitated and melted opaque linden gron, transparent gold ruby and black glass, images below.
For Studio Drift we developed the technique, melted, casted and polished obsidian glass.
Vrij Glas also melted 100% recycled glass for Arnout Visser.
A Champagne-colored glass was developed for the restoration of optical glass building blocks for Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.

We are the technology providers for many (hot glass) studios, and factories in The Netherlands, and abroad.
Our team of experts can make things in glass that others cannot.
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