Mobile Hot Glass Studio

Our mobile hot glass Studio can be rented for events

The VRIJ GLAS foundation has a mobile hot glass studio, including all necessary tools and technical support available for an opening event or manifestation.
The foundation can also advise, and act as an intermediary, for new or second-hand equipment for those who wish to start their own studio.
The founders of the VRIJ GLAS foundation provided the hot glass studio 'De Houten Hut' in the centre of Leerdam during 'The Drinking Glass Manifestation' in 1997 where more than 60.000 paying visitors during three summer months learned that today, handmade stemware is made the same way, as centuries ago. That event paved the road for the hot glass studio 'De blazerij' which is in Leerdam, at the same location.
Our furnaces, kilns and gloryholes were placed on barges in the Keizersgracht in front of Felix Meritis in Amsterdam for the hot glass demonstrations during the Glass Art Society International Glass Conference in Amsterdam, in 2002, attended by 14.000 delegates from 40 countries.
On Lowlands in 2012 and 2013, VRIJ GLAS provided a complete glass shop for hot glass demonstrations to the public.
The foundation has also taken its mobile hot glass studio abroad and provided hot glass demonstrations for Volvo, Saab and the Museum voor Sierkunst en Vormgeving in Gent (Design Museum Gent).
As an extra, and much appreciated feature, we regularly cook exquisite meals and we bake fresh bread in the ovens for visitors and volunteers.

If you also want to make the famous Jim Lahey no-knead-bread, click on the links below.

No-knead-bread by Jim Lahey
Watch how to do it at NY