Blow Glass Now!

Realize your next glass project in Amsterdam
Vrij Glas has a huge studio in the Greater Amsterdam Harbour Area.
The place is very private, with lots of space for amazing projects.
Large meeting area, planning area, gallery, professional kitchen, WiFi, and great espresso.
Unlike so many glass studios, this has lots of room and privacy where you can control your own environment, spread out, experiment and enjoy the unique location. test

Furnace with clear glass:

Furnace with custom-made coloured glass:

Gloryholes 700x1100 mm and 400x500mm
Hand-burner, oxy torch

Glass blowing assistance:

Many other arrangements and longer rentals are possible, our staff is very flexible.

Wood Steel Plaster:
Mould making and steel fabrication.
Our technical experts are available to assist you.
General assistance in mould making, finishing work.

Hot glass casting, kiln casting, and coldworking per day.

You can make amazing things at Vrij Glas!

Vrij Glas is a working facility and therefore not suitable for children. We can, however, make special arrangements.
Note: No pets inside.

For more information about the different possibilities including desk rental contact:
Durk Valkema
+31(0)6 5321 3277

Book at least four days in advance and bring your own Kugler rods.
All prices are excluding VAT.

I am a student, are there any student discounts available? Possibly. We do not have any formal discounts other than a lower fee for a second day without melting over night, but hey, we are pretty flexible, so send us an email and tell us a bit about what you would like to accomplish.

When we let you use our studio the following cancellation policy applies, because we are billed for energy and glass if you do not show up on pre/booked days. Cancellations of hot glass facilities must be made in person or over the phone on 06 53213277, between 10.00 & 17.00 Monday to Saturday. E-mails, sms texts and other forms of communication will not be classed as notification of cancellation. You, the client(s) must give VRIJ GLAS at least 4 days notice of cancellation prior to your hot glass appointment. If less than 4 days, the client will be liable for 25% of the quoted price as a cancellation fee. if less than 2 days, the client will be liable for 100% of the quoted price as a cancellation fee.